How Hackathons have changed my life

A short story of how I became a Hacktivist

How it all began:

Actual photo of me at HackRU 2013

When you spend most of your life looking through a microscope (Java), this ends up becoming your realm of existence. But sometimes, we must take our eyes away from this microscopic world in order to view the vastness of the world we live in

Leveling Up:

Hackathons were more than just a competition for me. They were a way for me to test my skills and evolve as an efficient programmer

The Roots of Hacktivism


As hackathon competitors, we are given the opportunity to change the world in such a short time. But as a hacktivist, we are tasked with the greater challenge of changing lives of other programmers

Why Hacktivism

What's next?

The World

Senior DevOps Engineer @ Sharkmob & Fan of all things Golang/Typescript ❤

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